200th Anniversary of the Bike

Celebrating 200 years of considerate cycling

Countless everyday objects provide support and direct our everyday behaviour. Cars, clothing or gadgets - these objects quickly become a representation of ourselves to the world around. They speak of who we are and what we are capable of.

When the bicycle was first invented two centuries ago, its inventor hoped to achieve the same sense of freedom that horse riding offered, but without the reliance on another being. The bicycle quickly moved on from being an eccentric item to a symbol of social status, a leisure activity and a method of emancipation – factory workers in the early 20th century were able to freely travel to other towns, in search of better work places. Presently, the bicycle has become a lifestyle choice.

Despite a changing historical context, the bicycle has always remained a symbol of independence. It speaks of our wish to overcome our limits – we invented the bicycle and in turn the bicycle has offered us a sense of freedom and brought the world closer for us to experience.

200th Anniversary of the Bike

Timeline summary

The timeline shows the evolution of the bicycle across 200 years, alongside an ever-growing maze of traffic. The campaign’s message emphasizes considerate cycling, which is described through the following principles:

  • Less haste

  • Look around

  • Be aware

  • Be brake ready.

Words and artwork: Ioana Tamas