Be Brake Ready

Be Brake Ready
Be Brake Ready

Lets work together to save lives!

There are numerous collisions on the City of London’s busy streets every year. The Active City Network was formed to bring business in the City together to reduce these and to work together to find ways to improve this.

So when the City of London Corporation launched the Be Brake Ready Campaign, (which sets out four simple principles that everyone who travels in the Square Mile can follow to help stay safe) we were happy to support.

Whether you are usually a driver, cyclist, motorcyclist, a pedestrian, or a combination, remember these four City Etiquette Principles and play your part in our mission to save lives and prevent serious injuries.

  • Look Around
  • Be Aware
  • Be Considerate and
  • Travel with Less Haste


These principles are very obvious and for that reason we often forget to do them! So whether you walk, ride, driver or a combination of these - play your part in the Campaign. It could help save lives.

Check out the Video from London Live where campaigners joined forces with safety officials in the City of London to launch the Be Brake Ready Campaign aimed at cutting the number of serious and fatal collisions in the City.

Be Brake Ready

Number of collisions resulting in a serious injury or fatality between 2015 and 2017 by mode with their associated trend lines (TFL collision data).

How can you help as a business?

  • Make safety an important part of your organization's culture
  • Raise Awareness - Support Road Safety Week, Encourage safer active travel and get involved in consultations
  • Encourage leadership teams should be champions of safety - Host an exchanging places at your business
  • Use positive reinforcement - Host a road safety Roadshow or Breakfast, where attendees get a free Dr bike brake check
  • Encourage your employees should feel ownership in the safety process - Ask and use employee feedback
  • Get involved! - Join the network, host and event or workshop!
Be Considerate and always be Brake Ready!
Look out for each other
Take a Breath

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