Safe Speed - City Police Enforcement Campaign

Speed Campaign
The City Police are focusing on enforcing the speed limit in the Square Mile which is 20mph

Driving too fast puts people walking at risk, even 20mph is too fast!

If you hit a someone walking they have a more than 90% chance of surviving if your speed is less than 20mph.

Drivers & Riders

20 mph speed limits are a maximum, they are not a target, avoid distractions, avoid rushing, do not break the speed limit.

• Avoid distractions
• Plan your journey in advance
• Leave earlier to avoid the stress of being rushed

Did You Know?

There are over 100 traffic lights in the Square Mile
Buses are fitted with speed limiters
Over 500,000 people work in the City

Exceeding the speed limit only gets you to the next junction more quickly, you put others at risk and you may get a fine

#SlowDown #BeBrakeReady

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