Safer Speeds

We are working with the City of London Police to slow traffic and make streets in the City safer for all. It’s illegal to drive over 20 mph in the Square Mile. The equivalent of six full Wembley Stadiums arrive in the City each morning, there are still more people walking at 11pm than all other modes. With so many people on the streets, driving or riding at an appropriate speed makes such a difference to safety.

Speed Enforcement Campaign

This autumn we are working with The City of London Police, focusing on education and enforcement of the 20 mph speed limit in the Square Mile.

Over 520,000 people work in the Square Mile. 90% of all journeys are made on foot. By driving fast you put people walking at risk. With this number of people, even 20mph is too fast! This is why we are asking drivers and riders to #SlowDown and #BeBrakeReady

Why is 20 mph the maximum speed limit?

The Square Mile's pavements are crowded. This means people may be forced to step into the road, while they are walking. People walking have a 90% chance of surviving being hit by a car at under 20mph but a less than 50% chance of surviving at 30mph or higher.

The speed limit is a maximum, not a target. Avoid distractions. Avoid rushing. Do not break the speed limit!

It’s not just drivers

In a recent camera study, 60% of motor bikes were seen to exceed the 20 mph limit. It's a 20mph limit for all vehicles in the Square Mile.

Driving more quickly will not improve your journey time

Running late? Speeding won't help, you only get to the next junction more quickly – rushing just stresses you out. Leave earlier so you don’t have to rush to your destination. You should also remember that getting caught breaking the speed limit will cost you more time and money, resist the urge and stay legal.

Avoid a fine – drive within the limit

The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and 3 penalty points added to your licence. It can also increase your insurance premium.

Never allow others to pressure you into driving in a way you’re not comfortable with. They aren’t going to be the ones to take responsibility if someone is killed or injured or if you receive a penalty.

The latest updates

In March, TfL will make the speed limit on Upper and Lower Thames Street, Embankment, Tower Hill and Mansell Street 20 mph. This will mean wherever you are in the City the speed limit is 20 mph.

Added benefits

Driving in the Square Mile means you are constantly slowing down and stopping. Accelerating to 20 mph will use far less fuel and produce far lower emissions than speeding up to 30mph before you stop at the next set of lights. As well as emissions from engines, there are also emissions from brake and tire wear in the form of particulates.

If you’re keen to reduce your emissions and help improve air quality a maximum of 20mph is a great way to go.

If you would like more details about how your organisation can support Road Danger Reduction in the the Square Mile, please contact us on

Safer Speeds

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