Lunchtime Streets

What is Lunchtime Streets?

Lunchtime Streets is an event that removes motor traffic from a street over a lunchtime period, so people can enjoy their lunch in a safer and more pleasant environment.

Making the streets safer for people is key to both the City of London Corporation's and the Mayor of London's Transport Strategies.

We use this type of temporary project to measure the effects and perceptions of the local community when reducing traffic at a peak times, when most people are travelling on foot or bicycle will be key to making the streets safer. The results of the study may lead to future enhancements of the public realm.

It is also a great way to enjoy your lunchtimes. We welcome the involvement of local working, studying and residential community.



Lunchtime Streets

Chancery Lane

Lunchtime Streets

St Mary Axe

Lunchtime Streets 2019

In 2019 we organised two weeks of Lunchtime Streets in Chancery Lane and St Mary Axe

Both events were a huge success with thousands of people attending and surveys showing very positive support for the events and for having traffic free streets at lunchtimes, and pedestrian priority streets all day.

We are looking for streets that would like to go traffic free at Lunchtimes in 2020. If your business is located on a what you think is a suitable street, please get in touch via email.

Upcoming Lunchtime Streets

A poster of proposed Chancery Lane lunchtime streets event
Lunchtime Streets
Lunchtime Streets
Lunchtime Streets

Is this something you would like to see on your street?

You can also let us know what you think by filling out this two minute survey: Lunchtime Streets.

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Is this a new concept?

No - Cities around the world have been finding ways to demonstrate that they put people first and that streets can be re-imagined and do not always need to be dominated by vehicles.

In European capitals such as Oslo, Copenhagen and Amsterdam (to name a few) timed closures and car-free days or times in City centre streets have shown they can improve the quality of the air, the safety of the streets, and encourage people to use and enjoy the public realm.

Lunchtime Streets

Fitness in the Street! Source:

Lunchtime Streets

Shoreditch Parklet. Source:

Lunchtime Streets

Greening and Seating. Source: Kcrag

Lunchtime Streets

Street closure in New York.

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